Monday, May 16, 2011

What a Weekend....

This has been a CRAZY weekend...
My daughter came in from California on thursday night.....her plane was delayed by an hour. So she didn't get in until 1:15....AM. It was 2:40 by the time we finally got home. Eat, Chit-Chat, Bed.

Friday she and her mother ran all over the place. Dropped off our grandson and picked up our grandaughter and youngest grandson. Mad house! cartoons all day long....

Saturday was a day of misinformation all the way get together at my sons, no wait, my house, no wait, my sons house. Some of the guest couldn't make it due to illness and some family couldn't come because of work son didn't know any one else was coming....even though he made enough food to feed a small nation. :) it was good! chicken balls! LOL

My daughter spend part of sunday at her boyfriend's parent's house. She had a good time visiting. From there she went to her brothers and stayed the night.

In the meantime, my son, who was supposed to get married on monday, has managed to lose both his birth certificate and his social security card...
so the wedding that was going to take place monday has been postponed (again).

today we spent some time at my sons with my daughter then took her to lunch and to the airport.
As I watched her disappear through the gates towards her plane it occured to me how she has turned into quite the young lady.....I miss her already.

and to top everything else off....a co-worker was killed in an accident on the job.

Hopefully the rest of the week won't be so hectic and sad.



  1. ohh dear soon-to-be father-in-law, this next wedding date is gonna stick! Seeing how it is your mom and dads ACTUAL wedding date, which u had told me was in May and then I learn its really July 13th lol, we think its a good day to get married and it means alot to Ryan so we are gonna stick with this one!!! crossing my fingers, toes and eyes!

  2. So, I was off a little bit. I have no idea where May 13 came from. It means something....just not sure what. :)