Monday, May 30, 2011


I have disappointed a few people by not getting dressed for the RenFest yesterday. I was unaware that my non participation in clothing would upset people. My Humblest appologies! I will strive to not let it happen again!  :)

My Buppies got baths today....Pixie likes being clean but hates taking a bath. Whereas Roxxy, can't wait to get in the tub. When you see their pictures you will understand why that doesn't bother me.......LOL!!

Pixie I just pick up and plop in the tub...Roxxy, on the other hand, makes things very difficult if she doesn't want to do it. Thank the lord that she likes her bath!  :)

And now for something total different....
I was struck by the "Halloween bug" today! I have a new project. Here's a couple of photos....betcha can't guess what I'm making.

Stay tuned to find out....
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!
If you know what that means you're as old as I am! HA HA!!


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