Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthdays (x 3) & Bunnies!

WOW! I feel accomplished today!
FrankenDora is completed! The bunnies are stuffed and heads attached...just have to add their tails and then they will be completed too. Got the candles done earlier this week.....Whew!

Miss Shaylor was all eager to try Dora on this morning. She was soooooo cute. She even stood still and smiled while I got a picture (a miracle in itself). She didn't want to change when it was time to go outside to play. Nana prevailed though and Dora was hung up. It's at home with Shaylor now. No longer in my house! YAY!! No more Dora, for a while anyway.  :)  She's so cute in her Dora dress. That's my grandbaby!! does a body good.  :)

How's that for a perfect smile?

I got both bunnies done (complete with beans in their butts). They turned out quite well I think. They only slightly resemble the original - Ha Ha Ha. They were quite easy to make too. I may make some more latter down the road (give away maybe?). I came across the pattern in an article on Freebies For Crafters. It was an article about the patterns from Sew4Home. The first link - Freebies for Crafters is in my 'blog list'. They have some pretty neat stuff in there. Anyway, here's a couple of pictures....

This was right after their heads were attached....they were waiting for their faces.

And here they are completed (except for their tails).

I made a few altercations...the one on the left has a little more stuffing than the one on the right. I also had to attach their feet differently than the pattern called for...couldn't figure out just how the ladies at Sew4Home did it. Who knows maybe they'll take pity on me and show me how. I also used glittered fabric paint for their noses and mouths instead of 'sewing' them on. I cheated on the eyes as well...I sewed the buttons first (thru the holes) and then attached them with fabric adhesive. I've always had issues with buttons. Maybe someday I will be able to actually sew them. Other than that, I followed the pattern (big, big grin). What do ya think? Not too shabby, huh??

And then....
it was time for a party! Three to be exact. My niece's celebrated their birthdays together at their Oma's house in the pool. Lots of people (always lots of people), bar-b-q'ed dogs and burgers, cole slaw, potato salad, jello salad, chips....wait a minute...there were no baked beans. What's up with that Dennis? They make really good baked beans. He musta been slackin'. Everyone was eating and then the sky got black. Hurry! Everything inside!!! Food, Kids, Floaties...make a run for it! Got inside before it rained. Hooray!

And here are the birthday girls....Savannah is 1. Abbey is 8. and Emily Rose is 2. Ain't they sweet?!

It looks like all the lil' bees did their duty! I have one pumpkin (the one from an earlier post with the flower) that is getting larger and doing well. It's about 3/4 the size of an egg. Kinda looks like an egg at this point too.  :)

this was in the's already a little bigger now.

That's all the news that fits....


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  1. Wow! You HAVE been busy! Cute grandbaby.
    And I'm overjoyed to see that little pumpkin :-D