Sunday, June 05, 2011


I feel!
What a great way to start off the day. I got a message from Susie Mcmahon this morning. I know, you're thinking "who is Susie Mcmahon?" Well, let me tell you - she is a fantastic doll artist from Tasmania. I 'found' her about a year ago on Blogger and have followed her blog ever since. Her work is amazing (she just finished up a felt doll). I was suprised to see a response from her but she also joined my 'followers' (or as my neighbor says, stalkers). I am simply blown away. Now I have to be witty, funny, charming and know what I'm talking about.....yeah, right. :)
I wonder how far back in my blog Mz. Mcmahon went....I wonder if she knows that my PA's were created after trying to figure out how she does her dolls.......hhhhmmmmm? Her dolls were the 'spark under my arse' that got me doing my PA's. If you want to see the original post go here...
  • I have been working on a new project...Patchwork A...

  • I am truely honored to have Susie as a stalker, er, ummm, I mean a follower.  :)

    Now that I'm done gushing.....

    Did you figure out what my newest project was???
    Well here's some more hints to help you guess...

    Do these have a familiar shape??

    Ok, well maybe this will do it....

    No? Yes? If not, I guess you'll just have to keep watching.  :)

    That's all for now....and if you haven't gone to check out Susie's Dolls yet....Well, Why Not? Go do it now!



    1. Gee, Ron.......No wonder my ears have been burning!
      How could I resist following your blog - I have to know how those pumpkins end up.
      You wrote such nice things about me, that I want to send you a PDF on how to get a smooth finish when you cover a paperclay head with fabric.......all my secrets revealed! Here's my email:
      Send me yours and I'll email you the PDF.

    2. Thank you, Susie. If only I'd had known it was so simple a year ago. :) LOL!
      I will send my email right along.
      I really appreciate it very much!!

    3. No problem! It's my second random act of kindness for today!

    4. Is it giant candles?

    5. Is it giant candles?

    6. why yes, yes it is.....Giant candles. I can't wait until they are done. they will be awesome! ;)