Saturday, June 04, 2011


Well, the Dora dress is coming along ok (I tend to lean towards perfectionism when it comes to my creative endevours - so, 'ok' is as good as it's gonna get for a self compliment). I got the hem done and the top and bottom attached with pleats. I really don't like pleats...I guess they're ok, seeing as how this is only the second time I've done them. And here's the proof....

Just need to do the sleeves, neck in the back, button closure and add the ribbon around the waist. Thank goodness for ribbon. Everyone thinks ribbon is to make things look pretty - HA!! Ribbon is to hide all the little things that make you (me) crazy!
Gonna have to find an 'A-line' pattern for the other material. Not wild about this pattern. But I'm sure it will be 'ok'.  :)

I had to stake my pumpkins (not thru the heart, so they'll live). Came home to find my pumpkin plants severly withered after another high 90's day again. I put stakes in because I'm afraid that the weight of the stems drooping over the side of the planters will break them in half. Hopefully (fingers, toes and eyes crossed!) they will attach to the stakes and be able to hold themselves up......

this photo was taken at 11:40 pm

I watched 'I am number four' tonight....after finally getting my dvd player to work. It kept stopping. I really had to clean the disk. My player doesn't like ANY dust or dirt on the disk. The movie was ok. The story was decent. The action was pretty good. The effects weren't too bad either.....The End Sucked!

I realize that a movie has to be open to a sequel...but they may as well have written 'To Be Continue' across it. It was like watching 2 hours just to get to the middle of the story. Maybe I'm too picky....but I like my stories to have an actual ending. Oh well, what are ya gonna do?

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