Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good Morning!

Hi All!
It's Saturday morning and I am up.....since 6:20. Believe it or not, that IS sleeping in. HA!
Didn't post last night, so I guess I'll start with yesterdays news......

the first pumpkin flower of the season was wide awake and waiting to be gazed upon early yesterday morning...

6 am. waiting for the sun!

there are many flowers about to bloom now. Including two that are on actual pumpkins! Now hopefully the bees will cooperate and do their thing. :)

I managed to get the candles taped and painted white. Two coats of white and a coat of clear matte. So far so good!

not too impressive yet.....

And this is how they look now....

Added the black wash (watered down paint and then wiped off) at 7 am. Now I just have to clear coat them again and add the bulbs. I think they look really good right now. Can't wait to see them done.  :)

And for those of you who are interested in seeing more of the horse drawn's the link.
This is from Halloween Forum. A LOT of great ideas and inspiration! This site is where I first saw the candles I am now making. There's a gaint spider and cemetary fencing that I want to make to. So many ideas...never enough time! LOL!

I guess that's all for now....more later?


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