Thursday, June 09, 2011

First Flower of the season....

Well, here it is...Thursday. Almost the weekend again. This week crept up on me and passed me by. Finally got some rain today...not much, not hard. But it lasted a little while. I'm sure my plants and bushes liked it.
I know the pumpkins did! It still amazes me how fast they got so big. And I had another surprise from them today.....

this one doubled in size just since yesterday. my thumb for comparison.

this is the biggest one so far. but there is another one catching up fast.

and then I saw this! the first flower! YAY!

Did you guess?
Did you say "Candles"? 
Afirefly1976 guessed 'giant candles'. Good guess and correct. I have seen these all over the place on the Halloween blogs and how-tos. I wanted to make my own and I will have to say that so far into the process I am pleased. I trimmed the excess foam and began applying the hot's where they are so far.

First pass....

finished the hot glue. now they are just waiting for paint. maybe tomorrow?

I WANT one of these...this hearse is amazing. It was built by hand. It sold for $2500. I wish! I don't have the website right at hand but I will post it later for any one who wants to see how this was made. I've already got it pictured in my head....out in the front yard, a skeleton driver (tux maybe?) and a 'dead' horse...OR a giant spider pulling it. I really want one!! Somebody buy it for me!!  :)

isn't it gorgeous? maybe someday.

That's all the news that fit to print. Have a great evening!



  1. Were any pumpkins ever as loved and nurtured as these? What is going to happen when the time comes to EAT them, I wonder?

  2. EAT THEM?
    oh no, no, no....
    these soon to be orange (red and blue too) orbs are destined to players in the front porch addaptation that is Halloween at my house. :)
    And maybe I'll try a couple of recipes with them....sssshhhhhh, don't tell them. I don't want to frighten them.