Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bag Lady & Fireworks

Good Morning All.
Hope you had a fantastic Saturday.

I had a pretty good one :)

I got some work done on my bag lady (plastic bag holder/dispencer). She's coming along nicely. She got her face and her hair-do. What do you think?

ain't she cute?

Then my neighbors called (texted) and wanted to know if we were going to the Rockmart Homespun Festival....I said 'what?' So I looked it up here. It looked like it might be fun so we said 'sure, why not'. So after dinner we packed up. Sally, Isabel, Shirley, Connie and myself all got in Sally's Mali-boo and drove 30 minutes to Rockmart. We met Barry, Amy and Faith (neighbors) at the festival. They got there first so they saved us a parking spot - sorta...I dropped the car right in front of theirs. There was a good deal of vendors there. Food, Information and Artists - quilts, painters, carvers, soap makers. One thing that was nice about this festival was that everything was hand made. They also had live music, no one I'd ever heard of but they were all pretty good. Lots and lots of people. I was surprised at how many people there actually were. Then at 10 (right on time) the fireworks began. They were pretty good. We had some good seats...the park was split in two. One side was where the stage was (with all the vendors) and the other side (under the bridge and out) was an 'open' field. We had a clear view. And when it was over we managed to get out quite quickly...I was really shocked. I figured it would take forever but it didn't. Yay! We got home around 11 after dropping everyone off. It was a really nice evening. Glad we went. Thanks Amy, for letting me know about this one!

the stage and one of the bands

lots of people...

even more people (and this was only one side of the park)

some of the fireworks

That was my Saturday...hope yours was a great one too! Til next time...


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