Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Art Work

Good Morning Everyone!
Hope y'all are having a great weekend. Can't believe it's Sunday already. Saturday was a blur.
I had two of my grandchildren on Saturday. They're getting so big (so fast). I babysat for a few hours so that their parents could go have a 'date'. They went to the movies...saw HP part 2. Shaylor played (ran all over the house) and colored with her great grandma. Rylee was everywhere he could get in his walker. The boys gonna go straight from the walker to a dead run. :)
Shaylor standing still (for a split second) so we could take a picture for Nana...

Rylee hammin' it up

I finished up a couple of digital pieces recently too! I think I want to use them for large format tee shirts (the image covers the whole front side of the shirt) and possibly prints. Not sure yet...what do you think? Let's take a poll...leave me a comment and let me know.  :)

"Simply Genius" 18x24 ~ Three of the world's greatest artist

"Simply Wicked" 18x24 ~ Everybody loves a witch!

Of course the copyright won't be plastered all over them when they are printed....I think I may add a 'digital' folder to my website for these. Speaking of, you can check out my other work at rlangerportraits. I have also updated my business card. It's ready for the printer. Should have them back in a week or so (depends on how much procrastinating I do - HA!).

I guess that's all for to mow the grass. Hopefully I won't spontaniously burst into's miserable hot out...again.

ps - my pumpkins are almost all gone now. the white one has been attacked by whatever left the holes in the others. :(


  1. Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali. How good am I? Don't know the names of the witchy actresses, except Bette Midler, but I know one is from The Wizard of Oz and the other from the Chronicles of Narnia.

    I'm so sad for the pumpkins :-{ - but, on the upside, the grandbabies are very cute.

  2. Your grand babies are adorable! I personally think that little Ryan looks like his grandpa!

    Side note>> I love witches as a matter of fact I am one of the best witches there are! hehe let that be between us ok...

  3. Very Good Miss get a gold star today! :)
    The other ~ Ladies ~ are Tilda Swinton from Narnia and Margaret Hamilton from OZ (the Original Hollywood Witch!)and of course the Divine Miss M!

    Thank you both for the cute kid comments...they are all sweethearts and i love them very much.

    **ylily - your secret is safe with me. LOL!