Sunday, July 31, 2011

Silver Comets & Lil' Black Twigs

Good Evening Everyone,

Well, the weekend is winding down...I hope you all have had a great one! Just a few updates.....
This moring we decided to take our bikes, second day, mind you, to the Silver Comet Trail and try our luck there. The last time we had been to the trail was when it was first being built and in a totally different city. The trail was nice. Paved, smooth and split by a broken yellow line just like a highway. This is where the 'serious' bicyclist ride apparently, as the majority of the people there were dressed in typical bicycle uniform....the spandex shorts and tops in obnoxious, ad bearing colors, the cute(yes, i was being sarcastic) little 'airplane' helmets and the normal deep, brown leather tan (which will catch up with them in the not too distant future). And all of this was topped off with the typical "look down your nose and roll your eyes" attitude of a group of unwelcoming yuppies. That being said...we'll probably go again next weekend.  :) 
All in all, we had a good time and a good ride....we did 6 miles (3 out, 3 back). Which I don't think it too bad for someone who hasn't been a  bike in a very long time.

This afternoon we invited a friend of ours, Connie, to go shopping with us.
Why yes, Shopping! 
I was hunting the elusive Halloween Decoration!! I found some too!! We went to Garden Ridge in Douglasville, Ga. They had already put their stuff out (they always start early...they have begun setting up Christmas too). They had mostly cute stuff...but at least some of it was new and not just left overs from last year. I picked up a couple of things...I got two 'twirlies' that Sally and Connie liked. Ones a pumpkin and the other is a bat. I may give my 'manifer' (see earlier post - way earlier) one of them to hold. :)  I also go some black twig garland. This stuff is gonna look so cool on the rails of newly elongated, ready to be decorated front porch.  :)

As we were leaving Garden Ridge, I thought...
'I wonder if PartyCity has started putting out their Halloween goodies yet?'....
''Who wants to go to PC??"
One vote of YAY and one vote of eehhhhh, if we have to. Found a parking space right up front (wow, that was weird). As we were walking past the big glass windows, Sally says, nope, don't see any Halloween stuff. They must not be putting it out yet. So out came my boo-boo lip and I pressed my face to the window......WRONG!!! Waaayyyyyy in the back of the store I could see the boxes being opened, I could see just a hint of what appeared to be masks.....straight through the door and b-line for the back of the store. BINGO!! They were most definately preparing to put out the Halloween goodies. They had some up already....a few masks, feahter boas, make-up, etc....
So we - Me, with Connie right behind me and Sally way back mumbling to herself - wandered around and looked at what was out (and stuck my head in some of the boxes that weren't fully opened yet). I found a few neat things. A fake ax that wasn't too cheesy, the great big Frankenstien mask thats always up on the wall (it's $130...maybe that's why it's still on the wall). And something that I, for whatever reason, have become obsessed with recently.....A Plague Mask!! They call it a Carnival Creeper....perhaps that's because if most people knew the history of it they would probably freak out a little. I don't know what it is about these silly bird-beaked masks...but they have hooked me this year. Maybe it's because they conjour up visions of the Black Plague. Or because they are just creepy enough to make you wonder what's going on behind the mask. Or maybe it's because people (Doctors, highly educated people) were silly enough to believe that this simple mask would protect them from The Black Death. And  even centuries after this hard learned lesson, humanity is still naive enough to believe that they are in control of nature. HA! That'll be the day! Anyway, I have a Plague Doctor mask now! Wanna See It??

ain't it grand???

They also had full lycra body suits this year too! How cool would that be with this mask? Just a black suit with the mask....standing in the shadows to jump out at unsuspecting children (the parents are usually the ones who jump and scream). I can hardly wait!!!! YeeHaw!!!

Well, I guess that's all for now...Have a great evening and a wonderful week!!


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    I want this mask sooo bad!

    your daughter-in-law