Saturday, July 30, 2011

Doctor Doctor!

Good Morning All!
Hope your weekend is off to a great start!
Been a busy week....

My business cards have been printed and the shipper says they should be here on Monday. YAY! Wanna peek? Here's what the new cards look like...
this is a portrait of my daughter i did a few years ago :)
there are little designs in the background...i don't know if they show clearly on this shot....

Thursday I went for my follow up for my "Not Normal" blood work. We did they weight & blood pressure thing.....there's a 7 pound differnece between my WII and the doctor's scale. His is heavier :(
My blood pressure was waaaayyy whacked out...160/100. I am now taking medication to help with that. It's a small dose (20mg) and hopefully I can get it back down without having to take meds forever. My prostate is fine (aren't you glad you know that now?) tryglycerides however, are really messed up. The level for 'bad' ones shouldn't be any higher than 150. Mine's at 268. Yippee. My 'good' ones are at 28...the doctor says he hasn't seen a number that low. Hey, at least I accomplished something, right? I am also teetering on the edge of diabities. So I have a lot to work on. I have to get back to my exercises....he wants me to be down to 170 by the end of January. That will help with the diabities and the triglycerides. So it's back to the exercise mat! Wish Me Luck!!  :)

Thursday was also my wife's birthday. I'll be nice and not post the number. She decided that she wanted a bike for her off we went to buy a bicycle. We looked and looked and she finally picked one....then it was 'which one are you getting?' Big, blank look on my face....'well, I can't ride alone'. So we left the store with two new bikes. Two new bikes with tiny little butt crack seats. Oh boy! Even though we both decided we needed the 'big arse' seats. We got them home, made a few adjustments to her bike, raised the seat,  adjusted the handles and then it was dark. Friday we both had to work...and that brings us to this morning....
7:30 am (before it becomes blistering hot again) we both got on our shinny new bikes and pedaled up the street. I have not had my butt on a bike in 20+ years. We rode up the street, around the corner, down the block to the main enterance of the subdivision.....down the street to the back, turned around, back up the street, around another corner, down the hill, up the hill.....pop! Sally's chain came off. Flipped the bike over, fixed the chain....walked the bikes up the rest of the hill...phew!! Down the hill, around the corner and past the driveway (me, not her) down to the next cul-de-sac and back home. 50 minutes later.....It wasn't nearly as bad as I figured it would be. My legs are ok, my knees HATE me, and my bottom is like 'what the hell was that?' but the biggest 'pain' was getting my leg over the bike to get on it. My legs don't go sideways anymore. LOL  :)  If that doesn't count as execise I don't know what does!!

ain't they pur-tee?

My pumpkins are officially kaaa-put! :( 
The last two white ones have rotted through. My 'big' one is totally orange and not so big. Oh well, learn something new each time. At least I actually got pumpkins this year - not as I had pictured in my head but pumpkins none the less. I wish my Mom was here...she would have just looked at them and they would have grown to 50 pounds. Yes, she was a 'plant lady'. She would walk into a room and all the plants would perk they were hanging on every word. It's been 6 years now. It's been 4 for my Dad. I really miss them both!! Maybe next year I'll get some normal sized pumpkins. Just have to wait and see I guess!

this is 'The Big One''s about 7 inches to the top of the stem

Wednesday was my sister-in-laws birthday. She requested a bunny. Sally waited until Monday night to ask if I could make her one. Thank goodness I had the process down!! The bunny came out really well considering the pieces I had to work with. Shirley liked it a lot. I'm glad it made her happy. Now I have a 'Georgia' bunny request for a friend's upcoming birthday. I am the only one that sees a pattern developing here? :)

Shirley's birthday bunny

aannnnddddd.......HALLOWEEN IS ONLY 92 DAYS AWAY!!! I can't wait. I've gotten some new ideas from other blogs and websites. Guess I better get busy or it's gonna be time and I'll be standing there with that 'what happened' look on my face! I'll post progression photos as things start taking shape.

I guess that's about it for now. Enjoy you weekend. Talk to y'all real soon! Bye.


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  1. I have a big ARSE seat on my bike also. lol It is a must. Anyhow, thanks to ya'll Barry will be getting my bike up and going for me today so i can push it up the hill. So, about halloween.....lets scare the crap outta the kids this year!!!! huahahahah.